rsync hangs after counting some file list

Ravi Thati gotothati at
Mon Sep 29 05:07:53 GMT 2008

Hi All,

 I have written script to download a directory from remote machine which
contains the always the updated data.  I want to download that directory
onto my local machine periodically with --link-dest option to  my old
download directory.

I have automated the script using " expect scripting"

Following script I have written:

$> cat ravi.ex
#!/usr/bin/expect --
set LDEST       [lindex $argv 0] ## for link-dest option
set SRC         [lindex $argv 1]## for source on remote m/c
set DEST        [lindex $argv 2]## for dest on local m/c
eval exp_spawn rsync -avz --stats --progress --partial $LDEST $SRC $DEST
expect "password"
send "gbuilder\r"
expect %
set retVal [exp_wait]
set pid         [lindex $retVal 0]
set spawn_id    [lindex $retVal 1]
set os_error    [lindex $retVal 2]
set exit_status [lindex $retVal 3]
exit $exit_status ## returning the exit status of the rsync command.

When I run the script I get the following output and it hangs indefinitely.

~/ravit/ravi.ex  "--link-dest=/Build56/source/"
"user at remotemachine:/Build58/source/"
exp_spawn rsync -avz --stats --progress --partial
--link-dest=/Build56/source/ user at remotemachine:/Build58/source/ ./source/
user at remotemachine's password:
receiving file list ...
 20900 files...

(There are lot more files to be counted )Actually I have millions of files
inside the directory.

What might be the problem ? Any guess??

It hangs at different counts at different run. some times 19300  OR 20100

Thanks for any help.

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