howto backup a Solaris 7 Server without its OS

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Sep 24 03:43:52 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 15:56 +0200, Jende, Niels wrote:
> I haven't used rsync as yet but today I have to. Basically I need to
> backup all datas from one Server to another machine with the whole
> structure. Here is what I have on mind and I am wondering if that might
> be a way to go...
> Connect the 2 machines - they shouldn't be at that time in the LAN - via
> a CrossOver Cable
> Then start rsync on the machine that should putt he datas to the new
> machine like this:
> rsync --verbose --progress -r -u -Hav /from/the_old_machine/
> /to_the/new_machine
> Ist the technically way okay and mor important is: Is the rsync command
> I wrote correct?

The approach sounds reasonable.  However, unless you are using a network
filesystem, the destination "/to_the/new_machine" is on the old machine.
You probably mean to use a remote destination that points to the new
machine, like this (remote shell):

rsync --verbose --progress -r -u -Hav /from/the_old_machine/ newhost:/to_the/new_machine

or this (rsync daemon):

rsync --verbose --progress -r -u -Hav /from/the_old_machine/ newhost::modulename/to_the/new_machine

See the first few sections of the rsync man page for more information.


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