DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5811] rsync error: error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) at io.c(635)

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Wed Oct 15 14:05:12 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from lionel.valero at  2008-10-15 09:05 CST -------

Sorry the error message indeed came from the 3.0.3, i actually faced the
problem with the 3.0.4. It seems that the problem is solved with using
"--delete-after" instead of "--delete".

Before doing that rsync seemed to be stuck on a particular file (tcpdump showed
that there was no more network activity on the server), i CTRL+C the client and
i went on the folder where the file concerned was, i noticed that i have file
that starts with ~, deleting those files changed rsync behaviour (rsync was
stuck on an other file on the next run), but as i do not know how rsync
processes directories and files and cannot tell if it is relevant or not.

I did switch to --delete-after and now it seems to be ok.

I have many files with accentuated caracters on the client side.


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