DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5811] rsync error: error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) at io.c(635)

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Thu Oct 9 17:10:25 GMT 2008

------- Comment #1 from matt at  2008-10-09 12:10 CST -------
I do not see how you could get that message with an rsync 3.0.4 client because
io.c line 635 is in a comment.  It would make sense if the client were 3.0.3,
because in rsync 3.0.3, io.c line 635 contains the exit_cleanup(RERR_STREAMIO)
that indicates a broken network connection.

That still leaves us to explain why the printed message corresponds to
RERR_MALLOC instead of RERR_STREAMIO.  The way I can see this happening is if
the client hit an RERR_MALLOC and tried to communicate with the server during
cleanup but failed because the connection had broken.  A recursive
_exit_cleanup call should probably preserve the original file and line just
like the original exit code in order to give consistent output.

To troubleshoot this problem, we'll need to see the last part of rsync's output
at -vvvv verbosity level, which will include the file and line of the initial
call to _exit_cleanup.

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