Configuring Rsync to run without any user input or Cron job.

Kyle Lanclos lanclos at
Wed Nov 19 16:53:07 GMT 2008

Etienne wrote:
> I would like to know if it's possible for Rsync to automatically mirror a
> folder and it's content from one deamon to another. (or one client to a
> deamon) Basically I want users to drag and drop files in a folder and Rsync
> to mirror these files as soon as it sees them. A cron or schedule task is
> not a viable solution since we can receive files any time of night or day
> and we need to send them in very timely manner.

How timely is timely? I have an rsync wrapper script that is invoked by
cron every sixty seconds. If rsync is running (which implies that a file
is being transferred), it aborts, otherwise, it does its normal rsync thing.

The end-result is that we start transferring files from one location to
another about 30 seconds (on average) after the file is written. It works
quite well for our purposes, but in our case, "timely" is generally less
than five minutes.


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