v3.0.4 OS X Execution Errors

Henri S henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Sat Nov 8 21:45:58 GMT 2008

>The strange thing is that the  manual indicates that the command -- 
>rsync-path=XXXX is related to the program to be run on the remote  
>machine. In my case there is no remote machine, since I experiment  
>with backing up on one local disk....

As Jonathan pointed out, you may need to specify the local path
("/usr/local/bin") when calling rsync as well as using the rsync-path
option ("rsync-path=XXXX") for specifying the remote rsync path. 

LBackup supports both of these path options within each backup
configuration file. This is because a backup server may be backing up
various operating systems which may have rsync installed in different

>I still wonder wether migrating to the most recent version of Rsync  
>is useful in my case... It is educational anyhow.

This will depend upon how much meta-data you wish to preserve during a
network file transfer. The most recent version of rsync will preserve a
great deal of Mac OS X meta-data. If you are using rsync for backup, then
your backup policy will assist you with decideing which backup tool to
use. This desision should be influenced by the requirments of your backup

If you are running rsync on Mac OS X systems with HFS+ file systems and
meta-data preservation is important to you, then I would reccomend
upgrading to the latest version of rsync for network data transfers. Rsync
3.0.4 dose a good of handling a great deal of Mac OS X meta-data. 

Finally, A big thank you to everyone who is working on rsync. I have been
very impressed with improved Mac OS X support. The 3.0.4 release and also
the 3.0.3 release have featured major improvments for Mac OS X users. Your
work is appretiated. Thank you!

Hope this helps.

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