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* Message by -Madan Kumar- from Sat 2008-05-31:

> Is there any command by which I can get only the updation of file ie only the incremental?.
> Suppose I have a text file say ss.txt of 3KB in size and I have taken the 
> backup of this file. Now I am making the changes in to this file(ss.txt) by 
> adding 1KB of data. Now I want this 1KB data (in to a new file) when I take the incremental.
> If you please provide me the command for that by using rsync?

What do you need this for?

If you would like to have an easy way to show differences between different 
versions of your text files and to switch back to older versions, then use a 
revision control system, not rsync. I can warmly recommend the subversion 
revision control system.

If, on the other hand, you essentially would like to have a normal backup and 
just want to save space, then use rsync's --link-dest feature.

There is a program called rdiff-backup that essentially does what you were 
thinking of (although it stores *reversed* patches), but I have not used it 
yet myself. I doubt that it will bring benefit in your application.

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