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Sat May 31 04:22:39 GMT 2008

Hi all,
I am able to copy the dir from one drive to another drive on local 
machine using windowsXP. 
Is there any command by which I can get only the updation of file ie only the incremental?.
Suppose I have a text file say ss.txt of 3KB in size and I have taken the 
backup of this file. Now I am making the changes in to this file(ss.txt) by 
adding 1KB of data. Now I want this 1KB data (in to a new file) when I take the incremental.
If you please provide me the command for that by using rsync?

This time when I use following command::
 C:\program files\rsync>rsync -auzv localhost::Myrsync E:/targetDIR
where Myrsync is module name in which the source directory(sourceDIR) path is set that contains ss.txt. 
After executing above command I get the copy of ss.txt in E:\targetDIR.
What I need is that, after taking the backup first time if I make some changes to sourceDIR\ss.txt and again I take incremental to E:\targetDIR(or in to any other path) then there should be only the incremented data in to new file. I need only the updated data not the complete one.
Please anyone provide me the command for this purpose.

(Your suggestions are important for me)

M Chauhan

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