How to use Rsync in XP (even copy open files)

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Fri May 30 09:55:13 GMT 2008

Take a look at my file.

It contains _all_ you need to copy any directory within XP to another.

It has an example Rsync command line in the vss-exec.cmd batch file.

I use this to copy any open file in XP.
You don't need a daemon (Service) set up for Rsync to copy files from one
harddrive to another.

The rsync in the file is actually from the cwrsync package.

If this is any use to you. Be polite and tell me?

Stuart Halliday

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From: "Madan Kumar" <madan.kumar at>
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Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 12:02:27 +0530
Subject: rsync on stand alone winXP

> Hi,
> I want to use rsync in my project that take increment image of files.
> This is for windowsXP and vista(stand alone) on localhost no need to
> use on network.
>  I have following dll and exe::
> - rsync.exe
> - cygwin1.dll
> - cygpopt-0-dll
> - rsync-param.reg
> Now in services.msc I am seeing "rsync" service. I have started that
> also 
>  and set in logon tab as "LocalComputer".
>  Again I have::
>  -- rsync in C:\program files\rsync
>  -- Both dll are in C:\windows\system32
>  -- srvany.exe and instsrv.exe in C:\srvany
>   Now I am not able to find the command that can copy any file from C:\
>  drive to D:\ drive.
> The first thing that I need is to copy the files or directories from
> one drive to another drive and then increment the files if the updation
> has been done.
> I have only the dll and exe that are mention earlier. Do need any
> extra?
> (When I execute the command C:\program files\rsync\rsync.exe it list  a
> lot of commands it means rsync is connected). 
> And also I am able to copy the files or directory in the same location
> where these four(rsync.exe,cygwin.dll,cygwin-0-dll,rsync-param.reg)
> are. like these are in C:\program files\rsync folder  so by using the
> command-> C:\program files\rsync\rsync -avz sourceDIR/ destDIR/    I am
> able to copy the directory nut it is copying only on the same location
> where above files are not from one drive to another drive.
> Please help me out.  
> Thanks
> Regards 
> M Chauhan 

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