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Fri May 30 06:32:27 GMT 2008

I want to use rsync in my project that take increment image of files. This is for windowsXP and vista(stand alone) on localhost no need to use on network.
 I have following dll and exe::
- rsync.exe
- cygwin1.dll
- cygpopt-0-dll
- rsync-param.reg
Now in services.msc I am seeing "rsync" service. I have started that also 
 and set in logon tab as "LocalComputer".
 Again I have::
 -- rsync in C:\program files\rsync
 -- Both dll are in C:\windows\system32
 -- srvany.exe and instsrv.exe in C:\srvany
  Now I am not able to find the command that can copy any file from C:\ 
 drive to D:\ drive.
The first thing that I need is to copy the files or directories from one drive to another drive and then increment the files if the updation has been done.
I have only the dll and exe that are mention earlier. Do need any extra?
(When I execute the command C:\program files\rsync\rsync.exe it list  a lot of commands it means rsync is connected). 
And also I am able to copy the files or directory in the same location where these four(rsync.exe,cygwin.dll,cygwin-0-dll,rsync-param.reg) are. like these are in C:\program files\rsync folder  so by using the command-> C:\program files\rsync\rsync -avz sourceDIR/ destDIR/    I am able to copy the directory nut it is copying only on the same location where above files are not from one drive to another drive.

Please help me out.  

M Chauhan 

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