rsync, OpenSolaris, & Mac Attributes?

Giuliano Gavazzi dev+lists at
Fri May 23 12:58:29 GMT 2008

On 23 May, 2008, at 03:31 , Jeff Waddell wrote:

> I only have one rsync version (3.0.3 pre2) on the Solaris target. I  
> ran a
> --version on both systems, and noticed that the Solaris version  
> reports the
> following capabilities: "ACLs, no xattrs, no symtimes, no file- 
> flags" where
> the Mac reports "ACLs, xattrs, symtimes, file-flags." This would  
> explain why
> rsync is failing when calling the extra -X & --fileflags feature flags
> (although not -A for ACLs). I guess my question now would be are  
> xattrs and
> file-flags completely unsupported in rsync on Solaris, or does  
> something
> special have to be called when compiling rsync in order to enable  
> them?
> Also, what could be going on with ACL support? I've reposted my error
> messages below Thanks!
> -Jeff

looking in my list archive I cannot find support for extended  
attributes on OpenSolaris.
You could probably use OSX own mapping by mounting the Solaris target  
filesystem on the Mac with NFS and then use as a target 
Volumes/<mountedsolarisvolume> to force delta transfers (but remember  
--rsync-path unless you replaced the distributed rsync with the new  


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