SSL/TLS support in RSYNC

Bruno (libvirt) libvirt at
Mon May 19 09:26:44 GMT 2008

Hello all,

This is my first post on this mailing-list. I know this issue has been 
talked about amny times, but I can't find any real answer anyway.
What are the plans to implement TLS directly into the mainstream rsync? 
This would be a huge improvement, when using rsync with a daemon and 
modules-based setup.

It's already easy to tunnel rsync into ssh, but this requires
1) ssh-user and shell access
2) to specify the full remote path
3) to forget about all the nifty features of rsyncd.conf (uid/gid, 
ip-filtering, easy logging...)
If you know about any plan for the inegration of SSL/TLS... maybe the 
CVS/SVN version has this already, please be kind and let me know.


Bruno Medici

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