Ignore Owner and group at destination

hh.eu at gmx.de hh.eu at gmx.de
Fri May 16 18:01:04 GMT 2008

At 2008-05-16 19:15+0200 Meeaz wrote:

> Once I give the options that you advised, it gives a syntax error  
> as below:-
> rsync -arv --no-o --no-g --files-from=./ff /app/domains/abcref
> rxplx005:/var/log/Test_log/TEST rsync: --no-o: unknown option rsync  
> error:
> syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(1084) Pls advise

Have you looked at the man pages (man rsync)? You are using version  
and the manual will tell you that the --no-o and --no-g options are not
available (they were added at a later version).

The manual will also tell you that the -a option is equivalent to - 
rlptgoD .

So you should try the other option that Matt has already suggested:

At 2008-05-16 18:50+0200 Matt McCutchen wrote:
> If you mean you want destination files to take on the user/group of  
> the
> receiving rsync process instead of the source user/group, then simply
> omit the -og options

So instead of subtracting the owner/group options from -a by using -a
--no-o --no-g , you could just leave out the -o and -g options and  
use -rlptD
(instead of -rlptgoD ). (This also means the -r in the -arv you  
listed is not
necessary because it is already included in -a .)

So try: rsync -rlptDv --files-from=...

Since version 2.6.3 is already quite old, you could consider updating  
(on both machines) to a newer version (currently 3.0.2), if you can  
do that.
This will let you use --no-o and --no-g , but, more importantly, give  
several other advantages such as improved speed.


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