Status of --ignorcase option in main tree/build?

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Fri May 16 16:50:20 GMT 2008

On 5/16/2008, Matt McCutchen (matt at wrote:
> To some degree I can see Wayne's rationale for not including
> --ignore-case in the main version of rsync.  Officially, rsync targets
> only Unix-like systems, not Windows, though OS-specific compatibility
> changes/features are fair game for the maintained patches.  I remember
> Wayne declined another Windows-specific change I proposed a while ago.
> But the main version of rsync isn't, and IMHO isn't meant to be, the
> be-all, end-all.  Let's see what we can do about getting you the
> binaries.  It would make sense for cwRsync to include --ignore-case if
> it doesn't already.  (Tev?)  For the Linux end, one of the things on my
> to-do list is to look into offering source and binaries for a number of
> different patched rsync versions, likely including an --ignore-case
> version, on my Web site.  I could write a script to build RPMs for rsync
> plus each patch in isolation, or maybe there are some combinations of
> patches that people use often and I could package.

Wow, that would be awesome! I was very happy that you were willing to do
this for me earlier, but obviously bugging you every time a new release
came out was not an option. I didn't worry too much about it at the
time, since Wayne had said it would be making it into the main tree for

If you could automate this, so that it isn't a pain in your butt, then I
guess this would be a very satisfactory solution for this - hmm, I'm not
sure I'd go so far as to call it a 'corner case', since, even though
rsync definitely started out as a *nix only utility, there are
definitely a *lot* of windows people taking advantage of its power and
flexibility - but, well, you get my drift...

Thanks so much for considering different ways of helping out those of us
both less skilled, and doomed to continue to support the windows world!



Best regards,


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