Status of --ignorcase option in main tree/build?

Matt McCutchen matt at
Fri May 16 16:24:41 GMT 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 08:54 -0400, Charles Marcus wrote: 
> On 5/15/2008 7:18 PM, Wayne Davison wrote:
> > I don't particularly like the option, so my current inclination is to
> > just keep it available in the patches directory for those that want it. 
> Hi Wayne,
> I hope you don't mind a follow-up...
> You can do what you want, of course, but the problem with this is some
> of the people who will want to use rsync to backup Windows boxes are -
> or at least I am - shall we say, not programmers, and are not totally
> comfortable patching code - and so will be at the mercy of someone
> else's generosity for providing a patched version of the rsync binary.
> Matt was kind enough to do this for me a while back with 2.6.9, but I'd
> rather not keep bothering him every time a new version is released.

To some degree I can see Wayne's rationale for not including
--ignore-case in the main version of rsync.  Officially, rsync targets
only Unix-like systems, not Windows, though OS-specific compatibility
changes/features are fair game for the maintained patches.  I remember
Wayne declined another Windows-specific change I proposed a while ago.

But the main version of rsync isn't, and IMHO isn't meant to be, the
be-all, end-all.  Let's see what we can do about getting you the
binaries.  It would make sense for cwRsync to include --ignore-case if
it doesn't already.  (Tev?)  For the Linux end, one of the things on my
to-do list is to look into offering source and binaries for a number of
different patched rsync versions, likely including an --ignore-case
version, on my Web site.  I could write a script to build RPMs for rsync
plus each patch in isolation, or maybe there are some combinations of
patches that people use often and I could package.


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