RSync from NAS machine over WinXP with cwRSync to another PC

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Thu May 15 12:42:26 GMT 2008

> Hello,
> some people want to use the following construction:
> they have a NAS machine with an integrated rsync  (may be on embedded
> linux).
> they have a WinXP with cwRsyncServer (with rsync 3.0.2)
> and they have on WinXP a network share (i.e. Y: 
> == "//")
> They can use NAS / WinXP with cwRsync to copy files from NAS to a local
> path 
> on the WinXP machine.
> But how to configure it, if they want to copy to Y: ?

You just need to set up a Windows network drive to the NAS share and use
that drive letter.

I do this to backup files from Windows 2003 to a NAS.

Batch file runs on XP.

set cygwin=notnsec
NET USE q: \\nasdevice\files <passwd> /USER:<nasuser> /PERSISTENT:NO

rsync -rDPt --chmod=Du+rwx,Fu+rwx --delete --modify-window=3601 
/cygdrive/d/Users/ /cygdrive/q/Users

I even use MS shadow tools to copy open files on 2003.
See my files:

Stuart Halliday

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