RSync from NAS machine over WinXP with cwRSync to another PC

Manfred Rebentisch mrebentisch at
Thu May 15 11:11:01 GMT 2008

some people want to use the following construction:

they have a NAS machine with an integrated rsync  (may be on embedded linux).

they have a WinXP with cwRsyncServer (with rsync 3.0.2)

and they have on WinXP a network share (i.e. Y: 
== "//")

They can use NAS / WinXP with cwRsync to copy files from NAS to a local path 
on the WinXP machine.

But how to configure it, if they want to copy to Y: ?

They use rsync server on windows with a "secrets file" and the following 
module definition in rsyncd.conf (on WinXP):

path = //
read only = false
auth users = bkupuser
transfer logging = yes

Is that the right way?

Thanks in advance

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