Wayne Davison wayned at
Wed May 14 22:17:24 GMT 2008

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 03:55:40PM -0400, Victor Farah wrote:
> I need to know if it can save the file list it generates and 
> uses it over again for the other machines?

As long as each of the machines you are updating is in the same state,
you can use a batch file to update them all.  Create the batch file when
you update the first machine (add --write-batch=FILENAME to the command)
and then just use --read-batch=FILENAME in place of a source arg on all
the rest of the destinations.

If the destination machines differ, the batch file might fail to update
a file since it might not contain the right data needed to perform the
update.  The process is somewhat forgiving, though, as rsync can skip
items in the batch file that aren't needed, or discard a failed update
if the final checksum does not match.


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