Victor Farah victor at
Wed May 14 19:55:40 GMT 2008

Hello there
	I have a question about rsync, and some options.
I have 10 servers here that all need data from one machine.  It's a 
LARGE amount of files all pictures and files and such, now every time I 
rsync the directory over it takes like hours to create the file list. 
Now I'm fine with that, but I need to know if it can save the file list 
it generates and uses it over again for the other machines?
Now my script is pretty basic:
rsync -urvlopg --delete /local/dir rsync://remote1/MODULE
repeat this ten times for remote1 through remote10.  I want to speed up 
this process by making it so it only gets the file list once and copies 
the updates it needs to each machine.  Right now when the script runs it 
will rsync generate file list, copy the files to the remote and then 
finish, go to the next line and do the same thing over again, so it 
takes hours to create the file list and hours to copy.  I just want it 
to create the file list once and copy what it needs to each machine, is 
there a way to do this?

Victor Farah - Systems Administrator

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