Mailing list replies (was: Bad habits)

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at
Thu Mar 20 17:33:31 GMT 2008

On Thu 20 Mar 2008, Wayne Davison wrote:

> The list software has a "nodups" setting (that is on by default) which
> removes the mailing-list copy if your address is listed in the To or Cc
> field.  I see that your subscription has this flag set, so if you are
> getting duplicates, I wonder if it is because your email address does

FYI, I get dups too, e.g <200803200805.41432.vapier at> was
received twice.

> not exactly match (due to the list version being all lower-case)?  If

Perhaps the + in my address is confusing it.

Paul Slootman

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