Bad habits

Chris G cl at
Thu Mar 20 16:14:50 GMT 2008

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 04:02:47PM +0000, Stuart Halliday wrote:
> > > Why are non members even allowed to post to the list?
> > 
> > Why shouldn't they be?  In my view, subscription to the list just
> > indicates a personal preference to receive all the mail because one
> > wishes to either help others or stay informed of rsync-related
> > happenings.  There's no reason why people who have one question but
> > aren't otherwise interested in rsync should be forced to subscribe.
> Ok, I see your point of view on this.
> It's opposite to mine.  ;-)
> If a person wants to post to the list, let them subscribe.
> They can always unsubscribe easily enough.
> 99% of mailing lists and forums work that way I've found.
There are certainly *very* few lists that allow non-subscribers to
post nowadays.

Chris Green

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