Passed all tests with flying colors on Mac OS X 10.4.11 - synopsis of installation and testing

Anthony Morton amorton at
Tue Mar 4 01:09:18 GMT 2008

> I think you hit the nail on the head. I put the crtimes.diff first  
> because I was simply swapping it in for osx-create-time.diff in  
> Axel's email "3.0.0 test failure MacOS X 10.4.11".
> Upon invoking make, this error in the ordering of the patches, on my  
> part yielded:

Check the output of your 'patch' commands and make sure there are no  
FAILED messages.  If there are, then your 'make' will probably fail  
unless they're resolved.

If you apply fileflags.diff followed by crtimes.diff then you  
shouldn't see any failures - if you do then it's probably worth  
letting the list know.

Tony M.

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