Xattrs and Delete over AFP

Matt McCutchen matt at mattmccutchen.net
Sun Jun 22 02:40:17 GMT 2008

On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 21:34 -0400, zodiac-meow at usa.net wrote:
> I have an OSX 10.3.9 Server that I'm trying to back up with rsync 3.0.2. 
> Since I didn't have any luck with the 10.3.9 patch

To be perfectly clear, do you mean you have tried Vitorio Machado's


If not, that may be worth a try.

> When I add
> any of the --delete options (during, delay, or after) to the line it works for
> a while and then starts getting this:
> rsync: get_xattr_data:
> lgetxattr("Path-to-the-file","com.apple.ResourceFork",0000) failed: Bad file
> descriptor (9)

This may just be an oddity with the network filesystem, but that doesn't
explain why it would happen only with a --delete option, which shouldn't
significantly change rsync's access pattern to the network-mounted
source.  If you ktrace the relevant rsync process with and without
--delete, that might provide some clues about what triggers the error.

Since the error only happens with --delete and appears to involve
xattrs, you may be able to work around it by using two passes of rsync,
the first with -X but not --delete and the second with --delete but not

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