Xattrs and Delete over AFP

zodiac-meow at usa.net zodiac-meow at usa.net
Sun Jun 22 01:34:35 GMT 2008

Hello group,

I have an OSX 10.3.9 Server that I'm trying to back up with rsync 3.0.2. 
Since I didn't have any luck with the 10.3.9 patch and I do have 10.4 clients,
I decided to try running the backup over AFP (Apple's file sharing protocol). 
I found a way to mount the AFP volume with root permissions and rsync 3.0.2
works very nicely using this on the 10.4 clients, preserving xattrs and being
good.  I understand it's not the preferred method but the rsync we're using
for 10.3.9 is version 2.6.0 and the malloc errors are killing me.  When I add
any of the --delete options (during, delay, or after) to the line it works for
a while and then starts getting this:

rsync: get_xattr_data:
lgetxattr("Path-to-the-file","com.apple.ResourceFork",0000) failed: Bad file
descriptor (9)

The 0000 is different for each file.

The rsync line I'm using is:

rsync -aHXh --stats --progress --fileflags --crtimes --delete
/Volumes/Source_Volume /Volumes/Local_Drive/Source_Mirror/

Any ideas on why the delete option would cause this to happen?

Thanks for making rsync the unbelievable tool it is.


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