supporting HFS+ attributes and forks on a Linux rsync server?

David Feldman mailing-lists at
Fri Jun 20 17:32:46 GMT 2008

> You won't be able to preserve file flags and creation times since Linux
> doesn't have them.  On the other hand, rsync 3.0.2 with -X will preserve
> getxattr-style extended attributes (including resource forks, which Mac
> OS 10.4+ exposes as extended attributes); no patches are needed.

Thanks. Just to make sure I understand: I can compile a stock rsync 
3.0.2 on the Linux box - no patches at all - and it will preserve all 
the Mac-specific data with -X, except for file flags and creation times? 
Is that correct?

Also: what are file flags? Stuff like access control and locked? 
Anything else?

Thanks again,

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