pre/post-xfer exec not executed ?

Loïc opensource at
Fri Jun 20 15:53:11 GMT 2008


I've got an issue since about a week and I still can't solve it after a 
thorough research.

I've setup a rsync server on my backup host, with shares using 
post/pre-xfer exec options but the scripts seems not to even be called : 
they should write a lockfile, and write in a logfile some information 
about the transfer request / report.

I'm using rsync through stunnel and here's the server-side 
configuration. If someone had an idea I'd be really glad to hear it :)


use chroot = no
uid = rsync
gid = rsync
max connections = 10
max verbosity = 10
timeout = 600
port = 8731
read only = yes
numeric ids = yes
munge symlinks = yes
list = no
fake super = yes
secrets file = /snapshots/conf/rsyncd.secrets
hosts deny = *
log file = /snapshots/log/rsyncd.log
lock file = /snapshots/tmp/rsyncd.lock
refuse options = rsync-path,rsync path

        path = /snapshots/data/hosts/myhost
        comment = Sauvegardes de myhost
        hosts allow =
        read only = no
        write only = no
        ignore nonreadable = yes
        refuse options = checksum
        exclude from = /snapshots/conf/myhost.exclude
        log file = /snapshots/log/myhost.rlog
        pre-xfer exec = /snapshots/conf/
        post-xfer exec = /snapshots/conf/
        auth users = myhost

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