DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5541] "rsync -H" Fails on PPC AIX 5.3.0

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------- Comment #3 from wayned at  2008-06-14 12:12 CST -------
You should be able to ask your OS to allow crash dumps to be created.  This is
typically done via "ulimit -c unlimted", and affects the current shell's
processes.  Then, if you run rsync and it crashes, you should get a core file. 
You can use that core file with a non-stripped version of the rsync executable
you ran (one with the debug symbols in it, such as the rsync executable in the
build dir) to get a backtrace of the crash point.  e.g.:

  gdb rsync core

If it doesn't crash, you can try running rsync under a syscall tracing utility
(which is strace under linux -- I don't know what AIX uses).  That can show you
if a particular system call is failing, and if so, can help to reveal what is
going wrong.

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