DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5541] "rsync -H" Fails on PPC AIX 5.3.0

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Fri Jun 13 06:36:50 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from mikepublic at  2008-06-13 01:36 CST -------

I wish I could give you access to one of our AIX boxes, but it is not possible
(it would be grounds for my dismissal).  If you could give me a hint as to
where to begin to debug this, I may be able to help.  I'm no programmer; I'm an
electrical engineer with a specific task that needs to be handled.  I do have
extensive PERL experience and some very "OLD" C programming experience (i.e.,
1980's - early 90's).

On a very LONG shot, I may be able to set up a Netmeeting with you, in which I
can either have you watch, or give you limited access to an AIX box.  However,
I would have to clear it with my boss on Monday.  As I am sure you have a real
job during the day, if I get approval, I can do it either some evening, or over
the weekend if that suits you better.  I will keep you posted on this front.

Thanks again, 

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