rsync daemon not answering

Alejandro Celery acelery at
Fri Jun 6 13:02:39 GMT 2008

Hi everyone.
I have a problem: I was running rsync --daemon on a Ubuntu 6.10 linux 
without problems. I used it to sync our company intranet from a Windows 
host through deltacopy. Then I migrated my system to new hardware and 
installed Ubuntu 7.10 on it. I run rsync --daemon with the same 
rsyncd.conf file and it´s not listening to any requests. I´m trying to 
sync the same directories from the same deltacopy client and it´s not 
working. I do tcpdump on the rsync port and i confirm that the request 
from deltacopy are coming through OK and checked my iptables OK too. But 
for some reason the daemon doesn´t answer the requests.
Any idea what should I check? What should i post here to help you help me?


Alejandro Celery

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