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Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Jun 4 16:31:44 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 07:20 -0700, becca23 wrote:
> Thanks for the help, i got the permissions issue worked out, but I'm
> interested in this --rsync-path command. It seems like it could be a
> powerful tool to make up for the lack of rsync commands in Delta copy.

Yes, you can use it to pass options straight to the rsync server (the
rsync "3.0" on Linux) without the client (DeltaCopy's rsync 2.6.6)
rejecting them.  But this works only if the server can handle the option
without any help from the client; otherwise, the protocol may become
corrupted.  --chmod is safe to pass directly to a server, but options
like -o are not safe because they change the data exchanged between
client and server.

> Can
> someone tell me how to use this to my advantage to change the group that is
> assigned to the file in Linux. Since the groups in Windows and linux don't
> transfer that well, I can't seem to get the transferred files assigned to
> the right group. Detailed explanations please! thanks

If all destination files should belong to the same group or perhaps
different subtrees should belong to different groups: Give all files and
directories to the desired groups manually using "chgrp".  Then enable
the setgid bit on directories by running (substitute the DEST):

find DEST -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;

This makes a new file take the group of its containing directory instead
of the default group of the creating process.  Finally, omit the -g
option to rsync so that rsync will not disturb the automatically
assigned groups.

Alternatively, if you wish to map specific Windows groups to specific
Linux groups, you'll need to set up the desired mapping in the Cygwin
compatibility layer that the rsync on Windows is using.  This will be
much easier with a full Cygwin installation.  See:

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