rsync from Windows to Linux

becca23 ronumber23 at
Wed Jun 4 14:20:16 GMT 2008

Matt McCutchen-7 wrote:
> It looks like DeltaCopy contains rsync 2.6.6, which is too old to
> recognize the --chmod option, so if you're pushing from the Windows
> machine, you'll need to stuff that option in an --rsync-path:
> rsync --rsync-path='rsync --chmod=ugo=rwX' ARGS...
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Thanks for the help, i got the permissions issue worked out, but I'm
interested in this --rsync-path command. It seems like it could be a
powerful tool to make up for the lack of rsync commands in Delta copy. Can
someone tell me how to use this to my advantage to change the group that is
assigned to the file in Linux. Since the groups in Windows and linux don't
transfer that well, I can't seem to get the transferred files assigned to
the right group. Detailed explanations please! thanks
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