synced files are linked to originals?

lewis butler lbutler+rsync at
Mon Jul 28 22:33:19 GMT 2008

On 28-Jul-2008, at 11:49, Matt McCutchen wrote:

>> ah... well, that would be ugly
> How so?

Well, there's a lot of them, for one; scattered about the drive in  
various places, for two.

>  You just have to put the appropriate number of ../ in front.
> "symlinks -c" will even do this for you.

symlinks -c?  I don't have a command named symlinks nor did I see one  
on a quick tour of /usr/ports/ .. oh, wait, I see it in sysutils, I'll  
take a look at that.

>> This is a local rsync, so there's no receiving daemon.
> I meant that you could set up and use a receiving daemon if you wish  
> to
> take advantage of the "munge symlinks" feature.

Ah... well, yeah, I hadn't thought of that... I guess that's a  
possibility. though I've always had permission issue doing that in the  
past... Still, might be worth looking into/

>> Maybe I don't need the -H option after all...
> The -l option (which is part of -a) governs symlinks, not -H.

Ah, right, I was thinking they were hard links, but of course not.

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