synced files are linked to originals?

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Jul 28 17:49:03 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 11:36 -0600, lewis butler wrote:
> Ah... /etc/postfix is a symlink to /usr/local/etc/postfix/
> > Lewis, if you want symlinks in backups to point to the proper items  
> > in the backup, you
> > could make the original symlinks relative.
> ah... well, that would be ugly

How so?  You just have to put the appropriate number of ../ in front.
"symlinks -c" will even do this for you.

> > Alternatively, you could
> > avoid all symlink surprises by using a daemon on the receiving side  
> > with
> > "munge symlinks" enabled.
> This is a local rsync, so there's no receiving daemon.

I meant that you could set up and use a receiving daemon if you wish to
take advantage of the "munge symlinks" feature.

> Is there anything else I can do other than remember which paths are  
> symlinked?  I have quite a lot of /usr/local/etc/ linked to /etc/ for  
> convenience (postfix, apache2/ -> httpd/, etc) ... not that I am  
> likely to forget NOW.

I gave you two options but you didn't like either of them...

> Maybe I don't need the -H option after all...

The -l option (which is part of -a) governs symlinks, not -H.

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