DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5407] hlink.c:480: finish_hard_link: Assertion `flist != ((void *)0)' failed.

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Fri Jul 25 02:39:17 GMT 2008

------- Comment #3 from brian_lindholm at  2008-07-24 21:39 CST -------
I've not seen the error since I upgraded to rsync-3.0.3pre1.  But given the
intermittent nature of the error (1 out of 20 runs or so), I didn't have much
opportunity to observe the problem before I upgraded to 3.0.3pre2.  And not
much time on pre2 before upgrading to 3.0.3-final.

It seems likely that the problem was fixed during the 3.0.3 development cycle,
but I can't say for sure.  Version 3.0.3 has behaved flawlessly for me, without
even a single errant run, but it's only been a month.  I've done perhaps a
hundred rsync runs during that time.

[Hmmm...  If the bug were still present with a 5% probability of manifesting
per run, there's less than a 0.6% chance that I'd get as far as 100 runs
without seeing it.  That's pretty darned unlikely.  Perhaps we should close
this bugzilla case out as "fixed".  And in the unlikely event that I ever see
it again, I'll try the extra options on 3.1.0 as you suggest.]

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