DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5407] hlink.c:480: finish_hard_link: Assertion `flist != ((void *)0)' failed.

samba-bugs at samba-bugs at
Thu Jul 24 23:41:40 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2008-07-24 18:41 CST -------
Any more info?  If you still get an error, try the latest dev version (3.1.0 in
git and nightly tar files) and specify --debug=hlink4 and let me know the
output for a failure run.

Also, specifying "--msgs2stderr" may help you to get errors back from the
"server" side (which is the receiver/generator in a local copy).  FYI, you'd
use "-M --msgs2stderr" for a remote-shell copy (the option doesn't work with a
daemon copy).

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