RFE: extend --keep-dirlinks to files also

Hendrik Maryns qwizv9b02 at sneakemail.com
Mon Jul 7 10:49:48 GMT 2008


I just read the thread 
http://lists.samba.org/archive/rsync/2004-June/009678.html which 
describes how --keep-dirlinks came to be.  My use case is similar, but 
I’d like a similar option for files as well.

Setup: in my public_html I have some symlinks which I send over as 
files, with -L (for various reasons: partly, because they are copies of 
current work which is done elsewhere, or because several websites use 
the same files, such as SSI footers).  However, I also want to check 
whether my colleague changed the files on the server, so first I do an 
update.  However, this replaces the links with the files themselves.

My current usage is:

# First look whether stuff changed on the other side (shouldn’t)
# rsync -rtKPuzb webserver:public_html/ /home/hendrik/public_html/Hendrik/
# Then put changes from here.
rsync -rtkKLPzC --delete --delete-excluded 
/home/hendrik/public_html/Hendrik/ webserver:public_html

As you can see, I have the first line commented out, because it replaces 
symlinks.  I’d like something similar to --keep-dirlinks which follows 
links on the receiver and compares the files linked to with those sent.

Is this possible, or is it an RFE?

Cheers, H.
Hendrik Maryns
Ask smart questions, get good answers:

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