Rsync "roadmap" and version numbering (3.1.0 vs 3.0.4)

Peter Sturdza psturdza at
Sun Jul 6 20:25:41 GMT 2008

> > I'd like to see the create times and fileflags patches included so all  
> > metadata tests pass with backup bouncer 'out of the box' on Mac OS X.
> Those patches are Mac-specific, so I'm pretty sure they won't go into
> the main rsync, but it would make sense to include them in packagings of
> rsync for Mac OS X.

But can't they be automatically included by the "configure" and "make" steps of the compilation even if its too messy to have them in the mainline code using #ifdefs?

After all, there are a lot more Mac boxes out there than Linux, so maybe the patches ought to be the other way around :)

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