Rsync windows vista permissions problems

Doug Lochart dlochart at
Wed Jan 30 18:09:54 GMT 2008

We have hit the same problem and what we found out was that Vista
changed something and either rsync or cygwin can't determine the
permissions and so nothing (or null) is sent across and this seems to
cause the directory to be created this way.  We have only seen this on
Vista and have since backed off our deployment on Vista

On Jan 30, 2008 12:40 PM, U. Haile <uhaile at> wrote:
> I am using deltacopy (uses rsync) to backup up a drive in windows vista to a
> freenas server. Before moving to vista, had the system working fine (on a
> windows xp machine).
> The command used for the backup is:
> rsync.exe  -v -rlt -z --delete "/cygdrive/F/TXT/" "nas::160d/_Acer_F/TXT/"
> As a result of this command, rsync should create a dir (not on nas) and then
> copy some files into it.
> The directory is created with the wrong permissions: subsequently, files can
> not be copied into it.
> If I create a directory with full permissions, the files are copied but: 1.
> they are read only, and can not be read by the windows vista user logged on
> (or the administrator).
> If I use a commander type program to copy files to the nas machine, there
> are no problems.
> I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get this permissions problems
> sorted out.
> Thanks very much,
>  Eli
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