Rsync windows vista permissions problems

U. Haile uhaile at
Wed Jan 30 17:40:24 GMT 2008

I am using deltacopy (uses rsync) to backup up a drive in windows vista to a
freenas server. Before moving to vista, had the system working fine (on a
windows xp machine).

The command used for the backup is:
rsync.exe  -v -rlt -z --delete "/cygdrive/F/TXT/" "nas::160d/_Acer_F/TXT/"

As a result of this command, rsync should create a dir (not on nas) and then
copy some files into it.
The directory is created with the wrong permissions: subsequently, files can
not be copied into it.
If I create a directory with full permissions, the files are copied but: 1.
they are read only, and can not be read by the windows vista user logged on
(or the administrator).

If I use a commander type program to copy files to the nas machine, there
are no problems.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get this permissions problems
sorted out.

Thanks very much,

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