Making rsync compile under Mac OS X 10.3.9 with extended attributes

Vitorio Machado v.machado at
Sat Jan 26 10:23:10 GMT 2008


It's cool to see that I'm not the only one trying this!

@Matt: I'm not in front of the 10.3 computer, but I'm almost sure  
that the --enable-xattr-support option makes the "make" want to  
compile acls.c giving the same errors.

If the problem is only data structure and constant definitions,  
wouldn't it be possible to trick the compilation by addind a header  
with it for Mac 10.3 computers?

But if it uses fonctions declared on those headers it doesn't found,  
it's more complicated :/

Best regards,


> Le 26 janv. 08 à 05:13, Matt McCutchen a écrit :
>> On Fri, 2008-01-25 at 21:38 -0500, Robert DuToit wrote:
>>> I reinstalled developer tools again on OS10.3.2 and ran make  
>>> again and
>>> this time and saw more action but a lot of errors such as the one
>>> mentioned by Vitorio:
>>>   error: `ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT' undeclared (first use in this function)
>> Please try again with:
>> ./configure --disable-acl-support --enable-xattr-support
>> Matt
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