Rsync 3.0.0pre8 and Mac OS X

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Jan 24 15:11:51 GMT 2008

I see now that *Apple's* iconv does have the necessary "utf8mac"
encoding.  See:

So just pass --iconv=utf8mac,iso885915 when the Mac is sending and
--iconv=iso885915,utf8mac when it is receiving, and the problem should
go away.


On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 07:54 +0100, Rudolf E. Reiber wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> thanks for your answer.
> Are the developers working at this problem?
> So, can I wait for the solution und in the meantime have a little more  
> traffic on the line?
> Rudolf
> Am 24.01.2008 um 05:28 schrieb Matt McCutchen:
> >> A question to the developers: do you see any solution to this  
> >> problem?
> >> Perhaps a --icont=utf8mac, iso885915 ?
> >
> > Precisely.  We need an iconv encoding name for "the form of UTF-8 that
> > the Mac likes", and none of the existing encodings in the iconv on my
> > computer fit the bill.  Another option is store the umlaut-named files
> > on a filesystem other than HFS+ on the Mac.
> >
> > Matt

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