backup via an intermediate drive

Matt McCutchen matt at
Tue Feb 12 18:21:54 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 17:57 +0000, Cavan Fyans wrote:
> One other problem now, one of the  
> studio servers is an XServe and therefore running off an OS x  
> machine.  It has an older version of RSync installed on it (2.6.3)  
> which does not have the 'only-write-batch' option - I presume this was  
> just added in the newer versions and its not something that is  
> excluded in the build for the OS x system?

Correct.  According to OLDNEWS, --only-write-batch was added in rsync

> I tried updating to the  
> latest RSync version (2.6.9) on this machine but after installing (./ 
> configure, make, make install) it has clearly not replaced the  
> previous version of Rsync.  Am I missing something blindingly obvious  
> here that i need to do to update the RSync version on the OS x machine?

The source package's "make install" puts the executable
at /usr/local/bin/rsync by default; it won't replace any rsync
executables you might have elsewhere on the machine.  If the wrong
version of rsync is being invoked, try using the full
path /usr/local/bin/rsync .


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