Rsync 3.0.0pre9 released

Anthony Morton amorton at
Mon Feb 11 10:28:41 GMT 2008

> I've just released rsync 3.0.0pre9.  We needed one last bug-fix  
> release prior to the 3.0.0 final release, so here it is.  I'm not  
> anticipating any large changes prior to that milestone.  Please help  
> to test it to ensure that we're ready to go!  Send email to the  
> rsync mailing list with your questions, comments, bug reports, etc.

Only positive comments from this end.  Syncing with flags+crtimes+full  
metadata preservation on OSX all going as expected, both on tests with  
backup-bouncer and in anger between the Leopard Intel box and the  
Tiger PPC box.  Kudos to the development team!

Will be quiet now until something actually goes wrong :-)

Tony M.

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