FW: Error code 23, delete failed, error 0

Rob Bosch robbosch at msn.com
Wed Feb 6 14:51:29 GMT 2008

Just as clarification, when I said the directory does not exist I mean that
is was properly deleted by the server/receiving side.  It appears as if
rsync did everything that it should but an error code of zero is being
returned and the exit code is set to 23, non-zero.

Full options:
-ruvvityz --compress-level=9 --links --ignore-case --ignore-errors --stats
--del --exclude-from=/cygdrive/c/DiffExclude.log

Using the preallocate.diff and ignore-case.diff patches from the
rsync-patches tarball for 3.0.0pre8.

FYI, I was getting this issue on pre5 and still getting it with pre8.  


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