Rsync windows vista permissions problems

Matt McCutchen matt at
Wed Feb 6 14:47:53 GMT 2008

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On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 14:39 +0000, U. Haile wrote:
> Thanks very much for your suggestion about the problme with the
> permissions in rsync and vista.
> I tried your suggestion, but it did not work. Here is what I got, in
> the cmd window from windows vista:
> c:\Temp>test_rsync.bat
> testing rsync backup to nas drive
> COMMAND USED: "C:\Program Files\Synametrics Technologies\DeltaCopy
> \rsync.exe" --chmod=a=rw,Da+x -v -rlt -z --delete "/cygdrive/F/temp/"
> "nas::160d/_Acer_F/temp/"
> rsync: --chmod=a=rw,Da+x: unknown option
> rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1)
> at /home/lapo/packaging/tmp/rsync-2.6.6/main.c(1108)
> Press any key to continue . . .

You need rsync 2.6.7 or newer to use the --chmod option.  If DeltaCopy
is not being updated with newer versions of rsync, you could replace the
rsync.exe that comes with DeltaCopy with one you compile yourself from
the source ( ) or take from a recent
version of cwRsync ( ).


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