DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5867] rsync with ACLs resets mtime on targets

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Sun Dec 28 11:03:19 GMT 2008

------- Comment #2 from samba at  2008-12-28 05:03 CST -------
It doesn't seem to matter whether it is default or backward-compatible.

The problem is not with the setting of ACLs itself, but that setting ACLs
changes the new file's mtime.

If I rsync (-avxHA) the dir 'gbyshenk' to the new dir 'gbyshenk_acl', it works,
and the ACLs are copied.  But it seems that the mtime has been changed to now
('now' being the time the rsync was run).

This is a problem in and of itself, but also creates a new problem, in that, if
I then re-run rsync, it sees the new files as different than the old files, and
proceeds to copy _everything_ again, rather than only the new/changed files. If
I run rsync (-avxH -- _without_ the -A flag), then rsync behaves as it should.

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