Windows 2003 Cygwin Netapp remote filesystem

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Fri Dec 26 22:51:40 GMT 2008

Michael Chletsos wrote:
> Ok so I have figured out the problem with my rsync daemon is the fact
> that rsync interprets // as / and therefore is not seeing this as a
> unc path, but rather a absolute path.
> and /cygdrive/h does not work because it is not setup outside of the
> cygwin environment, i.e. a windows service.

Even though it's a windows service, it does have the cygwin
environment.  E.g. /cygdrive/c should still work.

I've seen a similar problem with other cygwin programs running as
services.  E.g. the OpenSSH server, running as a windows service - you
log in over SSH, but can't access network shares from that session.
People have described workarounds for the OpenSSH problem, but none
looked simple or worked in every situation.

> I could add it to the registry for cygwin mount points, but I think a
> fix to the code might be better.

You might try that first, because it might not work, and then you'll
know if there is any point trying to get "//" passed directly.

-- Jamie

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