DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5954] Implement something like --very-fuzzy

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Tue Dec 23 20:32:44 GMT 2008

------- Comment #4 from matt at  2008-12-23 14:32 CST -------
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

It's not unusual that someone proposes a new option and I suggest an
alternative approach; the argument they then have to make is that the
implementation in rsync would be superior enough to the alternative to justify
the added complexity.  You haven't made such an argument, aside from "it would
be convenient if rsync handled this so I don't have to use a separate tool for
that part of the job", which applies to every feature request.

> If you want people to use rsync on common directory workloads, then such a
> proposal is not far fetched.

I don't recall anyone else raising the case of renames at the same time as
small data changes.  If you have evidence that this is common, please present
it.  Otherwise, this is just one of several use cases that rsync could optimize
but doesn't; for example, see bug 5482.

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