DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5954] Implement something like --very-fuzzy

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Tue Dec 23 20:09:12 GMT 2008

------- Comment #3 from wasabi at  2008-12-23 14:09 CST -------
I suppose if you want to ignore my argument, then yes, there is no argument.
But your response to my argument focused on the technical merits more than the
practical. It would be one thing to say "I am not doing this." It's quite
another to say "there is no argument at all."

If you want people to use rsync on common directory workloads, then such a
proposal is not far fetched. If you want people to have to disable rsync on
their directories and go out of band when making certain types of file changes
then it is. That's your call though.

Would appreciate something more to the point though "rsync just shouldn't
handle this" would have been a nice response.

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