rsync --link-dest option with the destination directory containing old files.

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Way back:
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> > --link-dest when target and compare_dir both have file
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> > Hi J.W. et al,
> > 
> > Kevin Everets was kind enough to inform me about some strange
> > behavior in his backup script, which seems to be the result of
> > --link-dest behaving unexpectedly in the case where target/ is
> > already populated with older versions of the same file.
> > 
> > Here's the situation:
> > 
> > We want to do: $ rsync -a --link-dest=../backup.1 source/ backup.0/
> > 
> > There is a file present under all three directories.  Suppose that
> > it the version in backup.1/ is identical to the version in source/,
> > and that backup.0/ contains an older version.
> > 
> > In this case, I would expect: 1. the version in backup.0 should be
> > unlinked 2. a new hard link should be created in backup.0/ to the
> > copy in backup.1/
> > 
> > In fact, rsync (at least as of 2.5.6) seems to copy the full file:
> --link-dest is built on --compare-dest and behaves like --compare-dest
> as indicated in the manpage.
> Observe the description of --compare-dest (ALLCAPS added for
> emphasis): This  option instructs rsync to use DIR on the des­
> tination machine as an additional directory to com­ pare destination
> files against when doing transfers IF THE FILES ARE MISSING IN THE
> In other words, the files in the --link-dest location will only be
> used if there is no existing file in the destination.  The best way to
> use --link-dest is to have an empty destination.
> For a link-dest based rotating backup that reuses directory names the
> best bet is to do a "rm -r $dest; mkdir $dest" or to "rsync -a
> --link-dest=../backup.1 $source temp; mv temp backup.0"
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rsync folks,

Can this behaviour be circumvented, or can an option be provided to
change this behaviour?

When doing precisely the type of backups listed earlier in the post:

   rsync -a --link-dest=../backup.1 source/ backup.0/

then we would like rsync to use a hard-link from ../backup.1 in
preference to a new copy from source/ to backup.0/ .

In particular, the removal suggested can be a very slow operation - we
have a backup area containing about 4.5M inodes.

Currently, a removal is the only way we have to stop the hard-links
from leaking when we re-use directories.

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